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Top 10 Ways to Make Money Playing in a Casino

For many people, casino games are just a gripping hobby. But as much as these games are based on luck, you can also devise strategies to increase your chances of winning — and actually earning money! That is why we’ve prepared a list of the top 10 ways to make money playing in a casino!

Playing Rationally

While gambling largely depends on luck, there are other factors separating successful gamblers from those who waste their money. If you want to minimize the house edge in the long run and avoid the games and bets with the worst odds, you’ll need to play with more than luck. In other words — you’ll need a strategy, and you’ll need to remain level-headed. After all, gambling is a passionate pursuit; but you will have to keep your cool. Always have the mathematical odds in mind, and don’t put your faith in blind luck or winning streaks.

Think About What You’re Playing

While casino games can vary wildly, they all have one thing in common — in a reputable establishment, they all give you a fair chance. Yes, winning big is possible, but you’ll need to approach gambling with a plan. Primarily, you have to decide what games you will play. While all of them rely on luck, you’ll find that some table games require more player input and skill than the roulette wheel or slot machines.

And although you’ll see high rollers spending lavish amounts of money on these games as well, remember that they are people with money to spend. If you’re working with a limited bankroll, you may want to think about playing blackjack or poker.

 Playing in a Casino

Playing Conservatively

Speaking of your bankroll — having a conservative approach to your gambling budget is one of the key traits that separate a smart gambler from a reckless one. First of all, follow the golden rule — never bet with more than you can stand to lose. Although this might seem like a tautology, most gamblers can’t actually bring themselves to follow such simple logic.

Also, it’s not just about the overall amount of money you’re playing with. We’ll have a few words to say about your wager to bankroll ratio further down the line. But we still want to emphasize that you’d be better off dividing your bankroll into smaller bets. Never assume that you will win more rounds than you will lose. If such probabilities were true, casinos wouldn’t exist.

Go for the Smaller Win and Maximize Rounds

Take a moment and think about why casinos are fun in the first place. The activities themselves aren’t that special — they include mostly playing cards and throwing dice, as do the most traditional games. But there’s one thing that makes gambling more exciting — the thrill of the possibilities. When you’re playing with real money, the chance of winning or losing with the slightest move of the dealer’s hand is electrifying.

This is exactly why self-control is the most important quality a gambler can have. Sure, if you can afford it, raise the intensity of your bets from time to time. And sure, you’ll hear plenty of stories about people who have risked it all on a max bet and won big. So, you may think you’ll double your money with bold risks. But whenever you have a choice between making 10 smaller bets or 2 big ones, go for the former. The chances that you’ll have doubled your money by the end of your run are much bigger.

Wager to Bankroll Ratio

As you’ve probably gathered by now, one of the most important things in gambling is managing your bankroll properly. What does that look like in practice? When it comes to money management in gambling, the crucial part is maintaining a steady wager to bankroll ratio. Let’s say you’ve set yourself a rule — no wager can be more than 3% of the bankroll you’ve started with. Even if you start winning some serious money, keeping that ratio is important. And if you want to increase it, make sure you do it incrementally.

Utilize Signup Bonuses

Playing in a brick-and-mortar casino isn’t the only way to gamble. While in online casinos you can’t experience the atmosphere that land-based casinos offer, there are many other advantages to online gambling. Sure, you won’t have the pleasure of actually sitting at the craps table or facing blackjack dealers but, on the other hand, many online casinos offer sizable signup bonuses. And that’s something you want to utilize. Avoid spending your own money on casinos when they give you a chance.

Master the Basics First


These days, you aren’t just limited to casino floor classics like video poker and roulette. Most games have variations and derivatives with different rules, specific to a certain region or a style of play. But before you dive into these, make sure that you’ve mastered the base games first. And even within these, stick to the simplest bets, at least at first. Stay away from progressive wagers, as they are rarely worth it.

If you’re playing craps, for example, bet on “pass” or “don’t pass,” have the odds in mind, but overall keep things simple. Or, if you’re at the blackjack table, refrain from side bets like the insurance wager, at least for starters.

Stick to Low-Variance Games

For people not intimately familiar with the inner workings of casino games, variance might not be an immediately recognizable concept. However, if you want to have fun at a casino while still playing responsibly, it’s something you should know about. In short, variance represents how far results stray from expected outcomes in a game. High-variance games are the ones where you win less often but win big, like slots. On the other hand, low-variance games are the ones where you can hope for more modest winnings but at a higher frequency.

So, if you want to listen to our previous piece of advice about going after smaller, but more numerous wins, low-variance games are your best bet. These are mostly table games, like blackjack or pai gow poker.

Remember to Have Fun

At the end of the day, you’re far more likely to make money playing in a casino when you’re not strictly focused on that task. After all, the primary purpose of gambling is to have fun. If you don’t treat it as such, you will end up gambling more irresponsibly. This will turn your visits to the casino into a vicious cycle of frustration and loss. So whatever you’re playing, make sure that you’re actually enjoying yourself.

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