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Top 10 Celebrities Who Enjoy Gambling

Do you ever wonder what famous people do with their wealth? Many actors enjoy thrilling hobbies like gambling. Read on below to learn about the top 10 actors who love playing at casinos!

Top 10 Actors Who Love Playing at Casinos

When actors start earning serious amounts of money, most of them begin indulging in extravagant hobbies or making grand investments. And while some invest in real estate or stocks, others choose to do something more interesting with their earnings. For example, many take up gambling, whether by playing baccarat, poker, or roulette. So here’s a list of the top 10 actors who love playing at casinos!

Charlie Sheen

charlie sheen winning

Yes, it’s probably no surprise that the famous womanizer Charlie Sheen is a fan of gambling. Rumors say that the Two and a Half Men star has enjoyed gambling from a very early age. This youthful love of gambling continued into his later, more successful years; these days, he spends quite a lot of time and money on blackjack and poker.

And don’t think that this is simply a favorite pastime for Sheen. Back in 2004, he actually won the California State Poker Championship. Card games aside, he reportedly also enjoys spending his fortune on sports betting.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire

While talking about actors, people often mistake them for their most famous roles. That’s why you’d never expect the star of the first Spider-Man movies to be an avid poker player. However, that’s precisely the case — Tobey Maguire enjoys playing poker immensely.

But it’s not just the occasional trip to Las Vegas we’re talking about. In fact, Maguire has settled a series of lawsuits regarding high-stakes poker games. Allegedly, the money that this film star won had originated in an illegal Ponzi scheme.

Jennifer Tilly


No list of casino-loving celebrities would be complete without Jennifer Tilly. Apparently, this stunning Academy Award nominee is much more than just a casual fan of poker. In fact, she has admitted to having gambling addiction multiple times. Though she knows she has a gambling problem — it’s definitely not that she’s bad at it. Tilly is a hardened poker pro, having participated in many poker tournaments and actually winning some of them. In 2005, the actress ended up winning a World Series of Poker bracelet.

Ben Affleck

BEN AFFLECK gambling

On a list of truly world-famous actors who enjoy both offline and online casinos, Ben Affleck is definitely one of the biggest names out there. His major successes both as an actor and as a screenwriter have allowed him to easily enjoy gambling as a favorite hobby. This isn’t just recreation for him, mind you. The Justice League star has learned poker under the tutelage of Amir Vahedi and Annie Duke. And this kind of dedication has more than paid off — he has taken part in several tournaments, even winning the 2004 California State Poker Championship.

Shannon Elizabeth


Not knowing much about her, you probably wouldn’t guess that Shannon Elizabeth frequents casinos. But she doesn’t just sport dazzling looks but an excellent poker face as well. In the past ten years, she has been a constant presence in the tournament circuit of Las Vegas. In 2005, she tried her luck in the main event of WSOP. Unfortunately, even apprenticeship under the famous Daniel Negreanu didn’t do her enough good in that tournament; she went home empty-handed.

Matt Damon

MATT-DAMON gambling

Some of the finest celebrity poker players start developing a taste for the game as soon as they start earning serious money. On the other hand, others simply stumble upon this hobby; which is the case with the Good Will Hunting star Matt Damon. He actually earned his poker chops while preparing for his now-famous role in the 1998 movie Rounders. Since then, he has occasionally dabbled in playing poker on a serious level — even taking part in tournaments.

Ray Romano

RAY ROMANO gambling

Saying that Ray Romano has a love for poker would be an understatement. Although, contrary to most of the famous names on this list, apparently he isn’t that good at it. The Everybody Loves Raymond star has participated in every WSOP since 2007. Unfortunately, he hasn’t managed to attain much success. However, just as his most famous sitcom character, Ray Romano simply doesn’t give up. He has fun making the rounds every summer, even though he hasn’t won anything yet. And his poker outings are made even more hilarious by the fact that his sitcom co-star, Brad Garrett, is also a regular.

Sam Simon

Sam Simon gambler

These days, the name Sam Simon may not be as notable as it once was. But the 90s kids should know that he had quite an important role in their childhood. After all — he is the principal creator of the Simpsons; one of the most celebrated TV shows on the planet. He is a fan of both offline poker and playing online, but that’s not his only interesting hobby. When he’s not at the poker table, the man is also a manager for heavy-weight boxers. And he’s not afraid to play with professionals either — he has actually taken part in the WSOP six times.

Jason Alexander


Speaking of celebrity WSOP regulars — Jason Alexander, of Seinfeld fame, is another famous person that frequents the poker tables. This actor who plays the timid George Constanza is not that easy to face during a poker tournament. He is a poker player that’s as determined as he is passionate — definitely one of the most formidable among celebrity poker aficionados.


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