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How to Choose the Most Reliable Online Casino in 2019

How can you find the most reliable online casino? This review reveals how to find the best casino sites and play for real money in 2019.

How to Pick the Most Reliable Online Casino

Today, the online gambling industry has grown massively, and players literally have thousands of options at their disposal. But those choices are not always safe.

With the advent of internet gambling, online casino games went to a whole other dimension. They now offer tons of entertainment you will never find in ground casinos. However, all this comes with an increased risk. The dark side of the internet is that frauds can basically pop up anywhere.

Some casino operators and groups have exploited this opportunity. They have used the internet as a means to shamelessly scam a massive amount of gambling fans. However, we’re here to tell you that there’s nothing to fear if you do a little research and get experienced.

Check out our article to see the top 10 ways to choose the most reliable online casino.


Safe Casino Sites

So what does it mean to play at a safe site while gambling? How can suspicious online casinos harm you?

Well, to find a safe site, there is a number of variables that you have to consider. Luckily, the online casino community is full of helpful resources. You can use forums and watchdog sites to find truthful and unbiased information about good or bad casinos. Speaking of unsafe and rogue casinos, they can use a number of sneaky tactics to scam you out of your winnings.

Such tactics include stalling payments, offering unrealistic bonuses, using shady terms & conditions, poor customer service, exploiting people with a gambling problem, money laundering, and just general player abuse. What’s more, new players who aren’t aware of these tactics will definitely get the short end of the stick while gambling. Plus, they might not even be aware of it. Most of the previously mentioned tactics are highly illegal too. Therefore, you should definitely learn as much as you can to avoid rogue casino sites.

Top 10 Ways to Pick a Safe Gambling Site

SAFE gambling

  1. Gambling License

Gambling laws are complex, and the gaming authority that regulates an online casino is highly important. Reliable sites that possess an e-gaming license will often include a logo of the document. Also, the logo might contain a link to verify the license number on the authority’s official webpage. It’s often seen at the bottom of the casino page.

However, a license doesn’t guarantee that the site is safe since there are some weaker jurisdictions that don’t typically enforce the laws of their license. What’s more, some rogue casinos could use this to their advantage, or they could outright lie about their license without even having one.

Some of the strongest licenses are UKGC (United Kingdom) and MGA (Malta). But there are others from Kahnawake, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, Costa Rica, etc. If you play from Europe or the UK, chances are that you will be fully covered by the strict rules of the MGA or UKGC license. But for US players, the gambling process is even more puzzling.

  1. Legislation

So far, Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey are the states in which online gambling is legal. Regulators like the Nevada Gaming Board are in charge of keeping track of online casino activities. And if you play on sites available only for these states, you will generally be safe.

However, when it comes to players in other states, they will be able to gamble legally on offshore casino sites. Such sites possess licenses from Curaçao, Anjouan, or Costa Rica, but rogue operators can exploit the less-strict rules of those licenses. So, it’s not always safe to rely only on a license, especially if you want to play from the United States.

  1. Casino Ownership

The operator is most often the owner of the gambling site. Rogue and shady casino groups will try to conceal their identity on their sites. Namely, they will not feature their name in the “About” section, and they will try to hide as many details as they can.

casino ownership

The reason for this is that their names and casinos have been blacklisted all over the internet. Their corrupt activities were exposed to the public on forums and review portals. If you can’t find enough details about the casino ownership or the license on a gambling site, it would be best to skip it and find another. It’s one of the clearest and quickest giveaways of suspicious casino sites.

  1. Longevity

It’s not a 100% guarantee, but casinos that were around for a decade or more have had the time to build up their audience, game range, relationship with players, and evolve.

Older casinos will often have a long history which you can look up online and check if there were any problems or nightmare scenarios. However, it’s not always the safest option since many rogue casinos could lie about their date of establishment. Plus, in the past few years, the market has grown a lot. We have seen quite a lot of new casinos emerge and build up a fantastic reputation. So, the longevity is a valid way to find an experienced and safe casino but only when combined with other key security elements.

  1. Casino Software

In most cases, casinos will use a 3rd party developer for their games and platform. Some casinos will design their own brand and games, but that is less frequent. The key thing to look out for here is that the casino uses reliable and well-known software providers. Names like NetEnt, Evolution, Novomatic, Microgaming, Betsoft, RTG, and many others are famous in the industry.

They have a superb reputation and offer a wide selection of quality games with flawless software functionality. Players will need to pay attention to the software provider(s) in an online casino and find which ones are the best online while gambling.

casino software

What’s more, the process doesn’t take a long time. If you see a lesser known provider that offers games with odd graphics or games that look familiar to what you’ve seen before, you could be looking at pirated software. Unfortunately, rogue providers can copy the most popular online games from other developers and those pirated games could be rigged. That’s why choosing a gambling site with a reliable provider is among the most important rules.

  1. Security

A good site should include a clear section about security and detailed privacy policy. Sites need to have the current SSL encryption to stay secure and encrypt players’ data. But that’s not all. They should have a HTTPS:// link and an URL that looks and sounds professional.

The other key security features are related directly to the software. Namely, the best online casinos need to be audited on a regular basis. Companies like TST or Ecogra can check and look for the fairness plus inspect the RNG (random number generator). A casino needs to publish information about their RNG audits, and you will have to check if the site has included it. In a reliable casino, the testing company’s logo can usually be found close to the license seal. Additionally, a legit casino needs to openly publish their RTP rates.

  1. Banking Methods

The lack of the most common and safest banking methods is a major red flag. Trusted online casinos usually offer credit card options like MasterCard or Visa, in addition to e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.


The financial information needs to be openly displayed on a casino site, and the maximum and minimum limits should be clearly shown for all users. Maximum and minimum limits also need to stay within a reasonable range. One of the clear giveaways is when a casino has an extremely high minimum withdrawal together with a low weekly withdrawal.

Plus, long withdrawal times could be a red flag. However, that might depend on the banking method. In addition, some rogue casinos could charge huge fees for any transaction. That’s why it’s always best to keep a close eye on banking statements. Some unsafe casinos can even make unauthorized transactions on your bank account.

  1. Registration

Here’s a short one that could save you a lot of trouble: rogue casinos can take advantage of your account during payouts. If you haven’t included the proper information, they will try any tactic to refuse a payout.

That includes an unbelievably long withdrawal approval process and suspicious clauses in the T&Cs, especially for the bonuses. One example of devious T&C clauses is that the casino changes them in purpose to their gain. There could be clauses that allow the casino to close accounts which were inactive for a certain period, like 30 days, and confiscate gambling winnings. Terms like these are a huge giveaway of a suspicious casino, and if you see them before registration, you will need to avoid that site while gambling.

  1. Support

Additionally, the casino needs to have a fully accessible customer service team. Reliable sites will allow a variety of methods you can use to contact the customer support. Such methods are live chat, e-mail, or a toll-free phone number. The services need to be available at all times, and the reps need to be polite, experienced, and willing to help the players regarding any inquiry. On the other hand, the customer support in rogue casinos will be exactly the opposite. Their support reps will be impolite and often rude. One of the giveaways is if the reps immediately bombard you with bonus offers as soon as you talk to them. They will do this in order to force you to join.

Often times, if you ask them about any of the previously mentioned points in this list, they will dodge the question or outright refuse to answer. In extreme cases, they will exploit problem gamblers. So, if you see a casino where the service is unavailable or if you test it, and it appears that the reps are attentive and rude, steer clear of that place.

  1. Reviews

Much like the information you can get on our site, the internet is full of all kinds of portals that expose a corrupt casino. Watchdog portals are the main sources which weed out the bad sites from the good. There, you will find information about shady casino groups, documented player issues and complaints, blacklists of crooked casinos, and more. You can also find if the welcome and other bonuses are legit and if the payouts are quick.

Stay Safe

If you keep in mind all the previously mentioned ways to stay safe while gambling, you will not be a victim of rogue operators. Now you know how to choose the most trusted casino. So, pick a top online casino with a good rating and the essential security features, and you can play and test your chances without worrying if your money will be jeopardized.

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